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The original GTM was founded in 1977 in Brussels, Belgium. At that time we specialized in exotic car service, and were an official De Tomaso service center. From 1989 - 1998 we were also an official Ferrari dealership and service center. In 1998 we went back to our roots to focus purely on servicing, repair, and restoration, until 2004.

In 2008 the new GTM & Son was born in the USA. Despite starting our North American business venture during the worst time of the recession, it was difficult to keep up with demand within just 18 months. We initially concentrated on European high-performance, vintage vehicles, however at the request of our customers we soon branched into the V8 Shelby, and Cobra models.

For a GTM timeline of our significant and proudest moments, please see; Who we Are

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Pantera Electronics

Electronic technology designed exclusively for the De Tomaso Pantera.